The ability to pig a pipeline is considered necessary and vital to most

pipeline operations. The present invention provides a pig inserting

apparatus and method designed to satisfy the need to Insert pigs for

large diameter gasoline pipelines that are made of concrete and weigh

in excess of 400 pounds. In the past, the industry has used ineffectively

manpower or motorized vehicles to insert the pigs. This pig launcher

uses a means for propelling the pig that includes: a spool rotatably

mounted. The pair of cables is connected to the spool and engage the

ends of the cantilevered arms for propelling the pig a pair of cantilevered

 arms, and a pair of cables of sufficient strength to firmly fasten onto the

 end of a pipeline.

We designs,Engineers and fabricates complete pigging that consist of

launchers, receivers, closures, handling, equipment, skids, pig passage,

indicators, sphere launch pins, valves and piping, pigs and spheres.

And like our closures, we build these systems in standard designs or

Designed and fabricated to your specifications.

Designed according all major international codes such as

ASME Sec. 8 Div.1




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