Shiraz Mechanic Gas Industries (SHM) Is one of the leading companies in oil , Gas and Petrochemical industries , working in design , Engineering , fabrication , fields,  procurement and project management services.(SHM)provides the products and services for C.G.S, T.B.S or C.G.S- T.B.S Stations such as dry Gas filter , silencer, heater and etc . In accordance with national and international design engineering and construction standards and in compliance with health , safety , and environment (HSE) laws and regulations within the frame work of the frame work of the concluded contractors in order to meet the client ,s requirements and their satisfactions .The combination of our product range, experience and process expertise allows us to offer extensive step in industrial process applications. Hope to be able to take an effective step in industrial development by indefatigable efforts.

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Shiraz Mechanic Co.

Oil & Gas Contractor & Equipments Manufacturer



Shiraz Mechanic Oil & Gas Co. is a privately held exploration and production company focused on finding, developing, and producing I.R.I.B domestic, on-shore production. Please contact us for more information.