The increasing use of odorized  natural gas requires an odorizing additive in order to

determine gas leakage at any point of the gas get. the recognition of Escaping gas through

means of an added pungent odor is extremely important,Since escaping gas in connection

with air may cause an explosion.

In general, mercaptans and cyclic sulfides are used as odorizing agents. In most Cases ,

this is tetrahydrotiophene.The purpose of odorization is to give the natural gas a Penetrating

characteristic odor, which Assures recognition immediately at the lower limit of explosion

danger.One of the most economic systems for relative small gas flows is the by-pass

odorization system.

Size : 45, 60, 300 liter or any requested size.

Design and material according to ASME standard

Suitable internal for high performance

Full instrument( valves, flow meter, p & dp gauge, throttling device).

With level controller

With or without odorant loader device

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