Linear Type Gas Station

 We develop, plan , design and deliver complete city stations (C.G.S) and town

Border Station ( T.B.S) for open –air systems.Cabinets, skid–mounted systems

and turnkey systems.

We manufacture individual components such as: filters, heaters and odorizers.

                                              C.G.S/T.B.S STATION

Cabinet type and flat type

         Easy maintenance

         Law cost


         Low volume

 As all Shiraz Mechanic products they are covered by Our  guarantees.

                 One and multiple line

         One and multiple stage

         With or without preheating

         With all conventional gas measuring unit

         With equipment for process visualization and Data processing

         With or without remote operation

         Control of gas pressure

         Safe operation

         Control of gas pressure

         Safe operation

         Easy maintenance

         Low cost

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