Metering Pump

Metering Pump

A metering pump, also called dosing pump, is used to add small and accurate volumes of liquid to other fluid streams or vessels. The flow of this pump can be changed manually or automatically depending on the process conditions. This pump is capable of pumping a wide range of chemicals containing acids, corrosive fluids or viscous liquids.
Shiraz Mechanic Metering Pump is a solenoid-driven diaphragm pump uses a flexible diaphragm instead of a piston or plunger to move fluid. By expanding the diaphragm, the volume of the pumping chamber is increased and fluid is drawn into the pump. Compressing the diaphragm decreases the volume and expels some fluid. This pump has the advantage of being hermetically sealed making them ideal for pumping hazardous fluids.
The pump flow rate is adjustable manually by rotating stroke length and automatic by the stroke speed which is operated by the control panel. The control panel has the ability to communicate with different flow meters and set the stroke speed with the high accuracy and the least error.
This panel also has a manual mode so that the user can increase or decrease the injection rate manually if necessary.
This pump is generally used in the following cases:

  • • Flows lower than 6 liters per hour
  • • System pressure up to 27 bar
  • • Accurate fluid injection is required
  • • Fluid injection is controlled by PC, microprocessors, DCS or PLC
  • • Injection of corrosive and flammable liquids
  • • Viscous fluid pumping