Multiphase Separator

Multiphase Separator

Throughout the procedure of production and distribution in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, separation process will be set to divide specific ingredients of a mixture seeking exclusive application and protect equipment from destructive materials entrained in a stream. A variety of mechanical techniques have designated so far to be able to purify fluids relying on their phases.
A separator is a mechanical unit which can isolate immiscible components of fluid flows with either two phases (gas/liquid, gas/solid, liquid/liquid and liquid/solid) or three phases (gas/liquid/liquid) or four phases (gas/liquid/liquid/solid). As for multiphase separators, we can refer to inlet separators, test separators, knock-out drums, flash tanks and drums which commonly equipped with demister internal systems.
Shiraz Mechanic will be honored to offer a wide range of multiphase separators desired for gathering systems, transmission pipelines, plant applications. Please contact us in case of specification information or any inquiry towards the package.