Pipeline Pigging Services

Pipeline Pigging Services

Cleaning is essential for the lifecycle of oil and gas pipelines, from pre-commissioning to operations. Pipeline cleaning services refer to the periodic maintenance efforts aimed at keeping gas pipelines clean, dry, and free of obstructions. One of the most well-known tools for carrying out gas pipeline cleaning services is the pipeline pig.
Pipeline pigging refers to the process of sending a device known as a pig, through a pipeline. The pig itself is a hollow, cylindrical device that fits tightly into the launcher and is retrieved by the receiver. A pressure differential across the pig drives it through the pipeline. A key benefit of pipeline pigging is that it can be carried out without interrupting the flow of product through the pipeline. They are also a cost-effective option compared to other types of maintenance services and can clean extensive lengths of pipelines.
Besides cleaning, pigs can offer various solutions such as inspection of the condition of pipeline walls, capturing and recording geometric information relating to pipelines and also location verification.
In addition to design and manufacture of Pig Launcher and Receiver, we implement pigging services and our pigging engineering is responsible for carrying out a pigging operation. We consider a number of factors before selecting a pig for a particular operation. This includes pipeline diameter, flow conditions, the task the pig will perform, and the layout of the pipeline network.