Coalescer is a type of separator supposed to remove aerosols from a gaseous stream or separate two immiscible liquids by means of coalescing media. Respectively, this unit often is referred to as gas coalescer and liquid/liquid coalescer.
In gas coalescers, gas enters a vertical vessel through a lower height nozzle and ascends to the coalescing cartridges where gas is set to flow through the media in an inside-to-outside direction. Gradually, entrained liquid particles merge on the media fibers until the droplets have grown large enough to separate from the media by gravity.
As for liquid/liquid coalescers, a liquid emulsion in a horizontal or vertical vessel flows through the coalescing cartridges in an inside-to-outside direction and similar to the previous type, the dispersed component of the mixture will be settled by the media and stored into vessel boot.
Both types are available in full packages with additional devices and instruments. To learn more, please contact us.