Indirect Water Bath Heater

Indirect Water Bath Heater

Indirect water bath heaters in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry are mainly utilized to preheat and heat fluids for several reasons. In natural gas transmission and distribution, heaters often set to heat the process gas in case hydrates formation is possible due to pressure drop.
In a heater, uniform heat transfer to the fluid will not be totally reachable unless the heating mechanism occurs indirectly through surrounding the fluid in a bath. Accordingly, the fluid is heated through a coil bundle exchanger immersed in a water-glycol bath that transfers heat generated by a burner enclosed by fire tube, also immersed in the same bath.
Heaters divided to two types through their supplier burners: natural and forced draught. Natural draught heater equips with burners which use atmosphere in the air-fuel combustion. Hence, it’s known as atmospheric heater as well. Burners in forced draught heaters equip with a fan which provides the required air for the air-fuel combustion. Forced draught heaters, besides their lower fuel consumption, generate less air pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx).