Filter Separator

Filter Separator

According to the title, filter separator refers to an equipment where filtration occurs in conjunction with separating operations. This unit is considered as an entrance equipment to protect compressors, turbines, plants and downstream devices by removing both solid and liquid contaminants from the main stream.
Purification procedure caries out in a two-stage basis. In first stage, filter cartridges are set to capture solid particles and larger liquid droplets. In the following, smaller droplets and liquids coalesced by means of filter media, will be removed through a second stage mist extraction devices like mesh pads, vane packs and cyclotubes.
Filter separator production in Shiraz Mechanic contains various options such as additional storage barrels, horizontal or vertical orientation and other customary internal and external features corresponding to clients’ requirement. In addition, these units equip with quick opening closure as a chance to clean vessel and replace filter cartridges periodically.